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  • Lavanya R

5 ways to use Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Jan 25

Every time we hear about artificial intelligence, the first thing that comes to our mind is robots dominating the world. Fortunately, it's nothing like that. AI. can be more than just evil technology, and it has proven its worth with time.

Giving massive room and exposure to the domains which have become essential to humanity. Whether healthcare, Finance, gaming, chatbots, and many more fields, Artificial Intelligence makes life more accessible and manageable. You name the domain, and you will find AI as a significant part of it. AI still has so many new potentials. Imagine binge-watching a movie on Netflix where you can choose a virtual cast of your own choice in real-time isn't it exciting? Let's dive into the world of Artificial Intelligence and take a look at the different ways we are using AI effectively and efficiently to make our life simplified.

“McKinsey and MIT's Machine Intelligence for Manufacturing and Operations (MIMO) project recently analysed 100 firms ranging from automotive to mining and utilised the data to develop best practises for using A.I.”


Instead of taking common medicines developed for the masses, you can take a customized medicine according to your genomes. Yes, this is all possible because of Artificial Intelligence. With the help of the algorithms and data of Artificial Intelligence. medical professionals would quickly analyze and customize every patient's treatment individually. Diagnosis to the treatment of major diseases such as brain tumor, cancer, etc., would be able to customize according to the suitability of every patient.


Do you know when you search for a product on google the very next moment, the other apps and platforms start promoting relevant ads to the exact product you searched for? This is how A.I. is being used in terms of marketing and business. In the era of digitization, digital marketing has been taken to new heights. With the rapid increase in users all over the globe every day, the newly generated data has also become a crucial entity. This data is collected, managed, and used by Artificial intelligence to develop marketing strategies and study the market to bring out the maximum output.


We all have at least once played with AI. features like google assistance and Siri with all random and silly questions. Chatbots have become the new-age tech toys for many. People enjoy having a chit-chat with these chatbots. Virtual assistants have been helping every day using AI. Virtual assistances like Siri. Google Assistant has provided human answers to their different questions and problems, not just for fun but for various productive activities. However, chatbots like Amazon's Echo have proved that with the help of Artificial Intelligence, we can even control our gadgets and even get some desirable actions done by just speaking.


Like every other person, you also haven't missed the hype of cryptocurrencies, isn't it? NFTs have become the talk of the town with their uncertain but quick profits and growth. However, managing a lot of functioning AI has controlled NFTs too. Even ventures and firms have started using AI Consulting and services. to manage their financial work and even plan and plot their finances according to Artificial Intelligence reports and data to bring out the maximum possible profits


According to a report in 2015, there were 707 million cybersecurity breaches, and by the first half of 2016, violations went up to 554 million. Yes, this data is terrifying for sure. But wait, do you know, with the help of Artificial Intelligence, companies can protect their data more efficiently and systematically. This will result in keeping the users safe even from minor identity theft and even from terrorism.


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