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Benefits of implementing Asset tracking software in schools

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Asset management in schools allows school asset managers, administrators, and teachers to guarantee that assets are available to each student and staff member. Primary and secondary schools can increase the utilization of assets that are critical for day-to-day operations by selecting the correct asset tracking software.

What is the Importance of Asset Tracking Software in Schools?

Asset management by hand is outdated and no longer reliable. Tables, chairs, and boards, for example, will require a different level of maintenance and management than these technologies. If schools continue to use paper-based asset management, it will be challenging. The information will be too much for the staff to handle. As a result, it is preferable for schools to monitor and store asset data with automated asset management software. Implementing an asset tracking solution in educational facilities Increase the usage of educational equipment and keep track of it. Ensure that assets such as computers and other equipment are available to students and teachers. Also, make sure that the school's essential assets are always in good working order in a cost-effective way. Schools can save money by using Asset tracking Software to replace assets that have been lost or stolen. While also keeping accurate spending records across all departments. A good management system also gives all educational workers access to a thorough registration. Teachers, department heads, administrators, school managers, and even local districts fall under this category. An asset register's information allows staff and students to learn about the whereabouts, status, and a number of each school asset.

What are the benefits of Implementing Asset tracking in Schools?

Improving Record-Keeping Accuracy

It's easy to get lost by the amount of paperwork required to track equipment, documents, and data around school grounds. However, the correct school asset management software can give you the tools you need to create a central data store for all of your important assets. This is particularly important for securing and storing up data in the event of a fire or other disaster, which can wipe out a paper-based asset management system and cause issues and delays when filing insurance claims.

Ensure students accountability

Students will be responsible for the device that the school lends them under the asset management system. It works in a straightforward manner. At the beginning and conclusion of the semester, the staff or instructor can keep a look to note who is responsible for the asset. It also applies to day-to-day tasks or classes. Teachers or students can scan the code in the assets right away, and the system will instantly capture the information. As a result, it gives clear data that includes one specific gadget and the identity of the student who uses the gadget. If the gadgets are broken when they are returned, the school will be able to quickly identify the person.

Avoid Duplicate Assets

Having access to the school's asset register can help you save money on already-owned items. For example, a teacher may request that more seats be added to their classroom. However, they can observe a lot of chairs that aren't being utilized in another department by looking at the data. Rather than buying more seats, they can move them from one department to another, where they will be more useful

Reduce the Chances of assets being stolen

Replacement of lost or stolen assets can become a financial problem because school operations must stick to a limited budget. Theft of critical educational assets can be reduced by utilizing a school asset management system's tracking and tagging functions. If a classroom projector can't be found, for example, teachers can look through the data to identify where it was last seen and whom it was used.

Calculate the maintenance costs of an asset

The worth of an asset, such as a computer, will be different from when it was first purchased. The old PCs will appear unclean and operate at a slower rate. This is why the value of an asset depreciates over time, which is what we call asset depreciation. Schools should be aware of the necessity of asset insurance and the need to update gadgets on a regular basis. An asset tracking system can compute depreciation automatically using a variety of parameters, providing you with a comprehensive view of your assets. It also helps school administrators to plan maintenance to extend the life of the equipment.

What are the most important features for tracking school assets?

Record all data in centralised Asset register

Schools often have hundreds, if not thousands, of critical assets that must be monitored. Keeping track of these normally necessitates the use of a notepad or an Excel spreadsheet, which is time-consuming, limited, and vulnerable to fire or data loss. One of the simplest and quickest ways to create and maintain an up-to-date asset register is to use asset management software. Each asset register can be filled with vital information about a school's sensitive and physical assets. Asset registers allow you to store a variety of data alongside each other.

Tracks asset location

A paper-based system is unlikely to be effective for tracking where a specific physical asset is within the school at any given time, especially when the asset is used by a variety of teachers and staff from one day to the next. With the support of a suitable tagging technology like RFID, today's industry-leading asset tracking software provides a visual 'map,' leaving users in no question about where particular assets are now located.

Shares reports

Most school asset tracking software allows users to create reports and distribute data across the whole school hierarchy. Whether it's between teachers, department heads, supervisors, or even local districts, communication is essential. Reports and data from the school can also be shared with parents who want to see their child's class schedule, homework assignments, and current grades can do so online. Students who require access to their class schedule and current work as assigned by their teachers can also get the reports.

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