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7 Promising Artificial Intelligence (Al) trends in social media

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

AI is a technique that can enable machines to take off human behavior. AI could give rise to a world where machines create solutions for all human difficulties and make life easier for them. AI can be used in every walks of life.

Here we are discussing AI in Marketing, especially social media. With this technology, machines can easily spot concepts and themes across a range of data, interpret human communications and sentiments and generate adequate responses to consumers. They can skillfully predict the decisions of buyers and use that data to solve issues in the future.

It was proven to the world that social media has walked away from being simply a platform to chat and share information. It has become an effective platform for businesses to make fresh clients and safeguard their relationships with existing clients. Knowing all these, don't you think that using AI's impact in social media marketing for the future of your business is a better option?

1. Competitor estimation to open new doors for social media marketing

Integrating Artificial Intelligence in social media could make it possible to estimate the real competitors of our brand. Then we could analyze their marketing strategies, study better ways to grow our business, find new trends in the market to plan, and set our company's future actions accordingly.

2. Foreseeing and exploring social media impacts

Understanding what is happening in social media and finding out what the people need the most, what they like the most, what all changes they are expecting in the forthcoming years, what all they don't like, to what they are getting attracted to easily, etc using Artificial Intelligence will be helpful to choose the right good and services we should provide for the present and the future.

3. Digital Marketing through precise content

Here comes another amazing power of AI. Since AI can assess and evaluate what all websites a customer visited, what kind of blogs they go through many times, which emails they have most connected with, what type of products they have searched, what's the customer's attitude and approach in the chatbox before, it can predict and send the most appropriate and convertible messages and suggestions to the specific customer via email or website. The contents used in those messages could generate a great chance for bringing the customer to the point of consumption.

4. The conversational AI for consumer satisfaction and better marketing

Can you deny the fact that people love to do business with companies or brands that provide satisfactory customer service? No, right? This reflects the importance of a chatbot. Think about the existence of a chatbot (an artificial intelligence) that could reply to the customer's doubts, complaints, needs, etc at any time (24*7) which could comfort our customers prudently. That was a great strategy, right? It doesn't end there. Getting on further, chatbots are foreseen to move from straightforward user-based queries and inquiries to more progressive predictive analytics.

5. The predictive AI for marketers to become better marketers!

The AI could predict the customer lifetime value to find customers that are more probable to be loyal and of course, it can predict whether a lead has a good value or not, how much resources and time I must spend on each lead, how much a specific customer or a group of customers will be worth throughout their customer lifetime, etc. This could support the business to run handily. It's quite easy to execute and doesn't need much data to drive predictive analytics.

6. Digital advertising evolving as an intelligence revolution to transform your business

We all know the importance of digital advertising these days. It is one of the most winning areas in the digital marketing field which has borrowed artificial intelligence technology. It is used across great accessible platforms like Facebook, Google, Linked In, and Instagram to provide the best feasible experience. These platforms explore user information incorporating gender, age, interests, needs, and other elements to display the most appropriate advertisements, enhancing the execution of the most authentic digital advertisements for them.

7. More intelligent searches

The public becomes surplus-sophisticated in their requirements. With the support of fast search engines like google, people could find out what they want. AI could evaluate those search models and assist marketers to identify the areas they want to put more effort into.

AI and Endless Possibilities

The features and facts about AI don't end here with its impact on social media marketing. It could change everything, even to find cures for incurable diseases, and change the future of Medical diagnosis. It could trigger the automation of businesses and rewrite the future of markets. It can grow up as a superpower for sustainability and an expert in building construction. Even AI could make smarter decisions than human intelligence. There is a quote by Dave Waters, who was a well-known professor and curator that "Predicting the future is not magic. It's Artificial Intelligence." AI can generate a future where we trust AI for making decisions for us.

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