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What is the need for Livestock Tracking?

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

What is IoT-enabled Livestock Tracking?

Livestock management, also known as livestock tracking, is a method of tracking and monitoring the health of livestock, most typically cattle, using IoT-enabled sensors. The livestock tracker has a lot of promise for farmers since it lets them track livestock movements across the terrain, map grazing patterns, and observe where livestock are depleting minerals in the soil.

How does it work?

The use of IoT-enabled livestock management technologies removes the element of guessing from livestock health. Battery-powered sensors monitor the location, temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate of animals using a wearable collar or tag, and wirelessly communicate the data to farmers' devices in near-real-time. Aside from assessing health, livestock monitoring systems can use GPS tracking to collect and preserve historical data on favorite grazing places, or temperature tracking to identify when breeding season is at its optimum.

Farmers can now check on the health and position of each animal in their herd from anywhere, as well as receive notifications if something is out of the ordinary. Rather than personally checking each animal's vitals to see if a disease has spread, they can tell right away which livestock is infected and which is not. The system works by implanting a tag in the animal's ear that captures its movements and ambient temperature in real-time. This allows the farmer to follow their animal's current GPS fix as well as collect much more critical data about individual and group animal health and well‐being.

Advantages of IoT-Enabled Livestock Tracking

Real-Time Monitoring Of The Cattle

Farmers can track their livestock in real-time with a GPS tracking device, and they won't have to worry about losing any of them. allows the farmer to keep an eye on it and watch its movement patterns. You can find out where the animal is physically by receiving an SMS or email message from the GPS ear tags. It will alert you if an animal has been hurt or is about to give birth.

It Facilitates Geo-Fencing

The functionality allows you to ensure that your animals stay well within a pre-defined boundary. You can keep your animals away from places that they should not enter. It also helps you check any intruder activity. If one of your animals moves out of the pre-determined area, the tracking system will notify you and give the exact physical location of the animal within no time.

Increases productivity

The GPS livestock tracking system's heat detection feature helps you to increase the rate of cattle production. You'll be able to tell when it's time for insemination and thereby increase the animals' conception rate. By reducing loss rates, you can boost your farm's total productivity.

Prevents Disease

Physically inspecting each animal is a difficult task. Many times, a simple physical examination is insufficient to determine the true cause of the condition. You can monitor the health of every animal in the livestock and be notified if one becomes ill or injured by using the GPS livestock tracking system.

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