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What advantages may real-time Computer Vision provide to your company?

Updated: Jan 25

What advantages may real-time video analytics provide to your company?

By the end of 2014, it is anticipated that the global CCTV Surveillance market would be worth $23.5 billion annually. In the future, practically "everywhere" will be constantly monitored by a computerized eye. The amount of data we receive from all of their cameras and CCTVs exceeds the capacity of human analysis. Analyzing the video output from a camera is, in fact, a laborious procedure for a human. The vast amount of insights and knowledge that can be gained from these data, however, is largely useful for enhancing the effectiveness of the operations of the things that these devices are monitoring. Real-time video analytics has greatly benefited from advances in artificial intelligence, which have increased its accuracy and precision in identifying objects, tracking their motion, and even identifying the emotions displayed on a person's face. If used appropriately, this technological breakthrough can enhance your business intelligence by enabling you to make wise judgments based on the useful information you receive from the feeds of video analytics.

Computer vision video analytics and OCR is a technique that automatically examines video data to find events and objects that the system is programmed to search for. This involves more than just installing security cameras; it also makes use of cutting-edge technology to analyze the CCTV footage. The most typical and fundamental video analytics features are object and motion detection, which shows if an object is present or moving in front of the camera. Let's examine how real-time video analytics might enhance business and organization operations.

Understanding client demands using real-time computer vision

A business's consumers can be carefully observed in order to determine their demands with a real-time video and image analytics system. For instance, a system that can identify the precise items that buyers are seeking in a supermarket by carefully observing how long they gaze at it and what their expression says at that precise instant may be used to generate commercial strategies for product positioning there. When a customer is browsing a product, a system like this can even detect their emotions.

Additionally, cameras connected to video analytics can give businesses a plethora of knowledge about how their operations are being managed, what their clients are doing, and what makes them happy. All of these work together to maximize business. A new marketing strategy can also be shaped by the data that is gathered based on consumer behaviour.


Security is a benefit of video analytics that is the most visible. The biggest benefit of having real-time video streaming is that it will make it easier to comprehend and identify many factors that could negatively impact an organization. Things that a human eye cannot see will be quickly picked up by video analysis. Many governments, including the government of Dubai, currently employ #computervision for security to identify suspects and spot regulations violations.

Public monitoring

Approximately 500 million surveillance cameras, law enforcement officer's body cameras, and billions of smartphone cameras are in operation. Real-time video recording is a potent tool that monitors and identifies traffic law violations, unsettling employee behaviors, unusual human activities, and other abnormalities. It may forewarn you of any unforeseen issues and enable quick responses to crises as they happen. Security and public safety businesses that establish complete security, intelligence, and investigative capabilities using video will benefit from real-time video analytics.

Security-based analytics are also excellent at behavior analysis, where the system may spot suspect behavior by merely watching and analyzing a person's movements and speech. Other features, like motion and object detection using video object tracking, are already in use in many locations where the system can detect loitering, identify suspicious objects, detect crowds, and detect occupancy in locations like airports and sports arenas where there are lots of suspicious activities.

Facial recognition

Compares specific facial traits from a picture with faces in a database to identify a person from a digital image or from a video source. They are applied in a variety of commercial and security-related contexts. This technique is used by social media sites to automatically tag users, by mobile phone providers as face ID to unlock devices, and by law enforcement to identify offenders.

  • Organizations can use facial recognition to track employee presence.

  • Understanding customer happiness in retail sectors through emotion detection.

  • automated auditions and interviews.

  • Using factors like gender, age, etc., to recommend products.

People search

Video analytics' people search may identify a certain person's presence in recorded or even live video. For security surveillance systems, this piece of technology is quite useful. People's search has several uses, such as personal identification from videos and photographs shared on social media and suspect detection from live public CCTV feeds.

Anomaly detection

Finding abnormalities in a particular area is made easier by anomaly detection. For instance, detecting a fire inside a factory or movement inside a building with entry restrictions. The system can alert the appropriate authorities when there is a departure from routine activity in a location and perform automated steps, such as notifying firemen in the event of a building fire. Anomaly detection has various uses:

  • observing the performance of mechanical processes in a plant

  • recognizing odd activity that has to be reported to authorities

  • Automated research

  • detection of rule-violation

Organizations can gain from #comutervision in a variety of ways. They are better able to see the "unseen" and make wise decisions that will improve the current situation. We may anticipate many more developments in video analytics in the near future, which will operate as a proactive 24/7 manager enhancing an organization's operational effectiveness.

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